Is this where you are at? You have done all you know to do and it seems like God has gone on vacation and all you are getting is His voicemail to which you have left umpteen messages. So what’s next?

In short, you keep standing and do everything within your power to keep doing so. At times, you may struggle with this especially when you seem to be weighed down by your burdens. Notwithstanding, keep standing. A strategy that works for me is to change my focus. By this, I don’t mean giving up or loosing faith.
Rather, I try to step back and look at the bigger picture – one we tend to loose sight of when we are in the thick of it. I reflect on stuff like:
  • What God might be trying to accomplish in and through me (God always has a plan!)
  • What God expects from me at this time (e.g. being still, trust Him more, let go and let God).
  • The lessons I might need to learn from this situation (there is always something to learn).
  • The experiences of others especially people in the bible (reminds me of how God looks after His own).
  • The great things God has done for me in the past (proof that He has not abandoned me)

So what can you reflect on today? Remember, what you choose to focus on will dominate your mind. So watch out!

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