A book with no purpose is like throwing bread to a den of hungry lions hoping one of them will take a bite of your bread.

This is a quote I shared at our first Gladys Famoriyo Academy seminar titled. ‘Author Delusion: How To Become A Successful Author’ in London (31st March 2012). We all know that lions don’t eat bread, so why do we adopt this strategy when it comes to writing our books?

For your book to make an impact and sell (yes we do want the money too), it needs a clear purpose (e.g. to invoke an action, teach a skill, help someone overcome a situation, change attitudes, etc). And all this needs to be done with your primary (and secondary) audience in mind. You can’t just write (as many green authors passionately declare) because what you write for the goose may not be appropriate for the gander.

So before you dive in and perhaps lose the plot altogether, press pause and think about the ‘why’ behind your book. What is it that you would like to happen as a result of people reading your book.

PS: Oh, and don’t just come up with ‘wishy-washy’ stuff like, ‘I want to empower young people’. How exactly??? Please put some thought into it or get the support of an expert to help you clarify your purpose. Trust me, this is money well spent!

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