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Ruth’s Story

Ruth Pearson Listening For Gods Voice
I was diagnosed with Lupus about 19 years ago and it felt I had been given a death sentence, as the prognosis was not great. Thanks to advances in science and the treatment of Lupus, sufferers could live beyond the five-year mark though it continued to remain a life-threatening illness. The ensuing years, for me, though filled with many highs, but equally had many lows.

In August 2013, I was made redundant. As if that was not bad enough, the following February, I had my worst Lupus flare up which included two hospital admissions, followed by intensive physiotherapy. Once again, the disease left me unable to walk independent of walking aids. I felt like I was back to square one and relearning how to walk.

It was in this time I came across the work Grace Gladys Famoriyo was doing through her ministry and academy for writers and speakers. I had contacted her in the past about writing but life took over. However, one day, as I was recovering at home, Grace contacted me and encouraged me to pray about using my ‘downtime’ time to start writing my devotional book. With guidance from Grace, I started writing my book. That was how my journey to living purposefully started.

When I was back on my feet, I was rearing to go. I felt I had so much to look forward to with my life. Later on that year, I attended Grace’s annual Overcoming Emotional Baggage (OEB) Women’s Conference in London. When I got there, I just knew I was in the right place. The conference gave me the impetus to keep going despite my lupus drama. I was so determined to deal with my own baggage and get back on track with my life that I signed up for her OEB Ambassador Training Programme so I can help other women going through emotional challenges like I had done. Everything was just going so well.

Sadly, this was not to be long lasting because shortly after the training course, I experienced a really bad Lupus flare. And you guessed right…I was now back in hospital…yet again. This time, I was rushed into hospital, as I was in and out of consciousness, with pain.

And so, here I was again in hospital. As you can imagine, I was feeling down. Furthermore, I was also gutted because I was looking forward to attending the residential Overcoming Emotional Baggage (OEB) Women’s Retreat. But here I was, faced with the prospects of having to cope with the latest bout of Lupus and getting support again so I can walk again.

During this time, I reached out to Grace again. She got her whole ministry team to pray for me constantly. I am thankful for their prayers because it made a tremendous difference. During this time, I decided I this flare up, unlike others, was not going to keep me down. I also decided to turn to God and use the experience to deepen my relationship with Him. This was a task in itself as I was often exhausted and spent most of my time in bed. Yet, in what seemed like a dark period of my life, I became very aware of my other task for the season: Finish my book.

As I really wanted to be at the retreat, I spoke to my doctor to see if I could be discharged. Thankfully, the night before the retreat commenced, I left hospital and headed home.

The following morning, which was also the morning of the retreat, I had my first intensive physiotherapy session. This was to continue on Monday morning upon my return from the retreat. Just to give you an idea on how bad I was, putting it bluntly, I could not walk! I had to be aided by someone to do the most basic of functions. Yet, I was determined to be a part of the retreat. So later on that day, my friend and I headed to the retreat with my trusted mobility scooter in tow.

When I look back at the OEB retreat weekend, all I can say is God set me up! Because when I arrived at the reception, the mobility scooter packed up. I told Grace about my scooter and asked her to pray as this was my only means of moving about. Her response? She laughed. She told me God had a sense of humour and that she had a feeling He had no use for the scooter over the weekend (and neither did I)!

The following events that happened were nothing short of a miracle.

The first session of the retreat was an awesome praise and worship session. We all felt the presence of Father God in the room. Prophetess Joyce Famoriyo (Grace’s Mum) preached in the session and spoke about Gods healing power. I remember her saying, “All our lives were going to be changed by Sunday”. I latched on to that by faith, as I wanted to be rid of present state.

As she was finishing her session, Prophetess Joyce came and took me by the hand and escorted me into the middle of the room. You have got to remember that I was very unsteady on my feet and at loss without my scooter. But we made it to the centre of the room. She prayed for me and I started to cry. I knelt on the floor and later found myself curled up in the foetal position.

Then Sharon Platt-McDonald, one of the other presenters at the retreat, came to me and simply said, ‘Rise up and walk Ruth’. Then both her and Prophetess Joyce took my hands and helped me up. Before I knew it, I was standing….standing by myself, unaided. And in that moment, I was healed.

By this, I don’t just mean I was able to walk. I knew it was deeper than that because I started running around the room, jumping up and down. There was a buzz in the room, as everyone, including myself, had just witnessed a modern day miracle. For that, we all praised God.

I have to say that since that day, I have never stopped dancing, running, walking and more importantly rejoicing. I returned home refreshed, restored and healed. By the Monday, my physiotherapists could not fathom what had happened as they saw me just a few days before and knew what state they left me. One even documented in their notes, ‘walking miracle’.

As you can imagine my life has changed since then. I still have challenges but I’m learning to depend more on Father God. One thing I have learnt thorough this journey is listen to His voice.

Ruth Pearson Listening For Gods Voice
Today, I am a proud author with a story (or two) to tell whilst I was birthing my book. My devotional, Listening for God’s Voice, was published in 2015. Furthermore, God somehow turned my redundancy saga into a business opportunity. Shortly after publishing my book, my business called, Listening to Your Voice, was launched ( I also speak to groups of people and have also done some preaching too – something I never thought I could do.

Each day, I praise Father God for turning my situation around and using me, in spite of life, as a means to propel me forward. Better still, enabling me to touch the lives of others. For this, I am eternally grateful.

I’m still bouncing back everyday, making my pain count for something positive and refusing to let life keep me down.

Ms Ruth Pearson.

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