After a while of people telling you, “you are not good enough”, your confidence can get knocked, especially when you start to hear it time and time again. You may find you start to second guess yourself and self-doubt who you believe you are. But please be rest assured that greatness lies within you. Just because others can’t see it or fail to appreciate it has nothing to do with the matter.

 The power that lies within you can take you to great heights. For example, if you believe you can change your nation, you can become the leader of your nation tomorrow. If you believe you have been given an artistic or business flair, you can be to next best thing in the art world or a successful business owner. Are you able to write your own lyrics and perform? You could be the next best selling artist. So don’t go by what others tell you. Let your internal voice tell you who you are.
You want to know my secret of rising above such situations? I go into the bible to remind myself of the precious masterpiece I was created to be (Ephesians 2:10). I look for as many affirming quotes I can find and allow them to take root in me (not just head knowledge). In addition to this, I go to my Creator for reassurance that I am on the right track. And when I get the go ahead, no one can stop me. I just find ways around such people and get on with my assignment.
The fact is, you will be challenged every step of the way but when you fortify yourself from within, you will reach the finishing line.


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