A few years back, I was at an event and a gentleman started telling me about a book project he had been working on for over a decade. It was a reference manual and he had spent every living moment researching and gathering content. From the way he talked, I could tell he poured his life into it. I reckon he had written over 300,000 words. But guess what? He woke up one day to find all his content had disappeared. Gone from his computer. Worst still, he had NO BACKUP. None whatsoever. Nada. Nothing. Over a decades work went down the drain. He was almost in tears when he told me and he was so disappointed, he never restarted the project. The pain was just too much for him.

My Data loss Drama

You know what, I know exactly how he felt. I was in the middle of writing a book over a decade ago only to be faced with the dreaded blue screen of death on my laptop. Nothing I did brought the laptop back to life, even IT experts failed. Like that gentleman, I lost the latest version of my book and I had not backed up my computer in months! In essence, I had to practically start over again.

After this saga, I realised I needed a system to help me cos I create content daily. I could not afford to be losing my work, for whatever reason, especially as I am known to write a book in a weekend (PS: keep your eyes peeled on these emails cos I will be sharing how you can do the same).

After trial and error with a few companies over the years, I found a tool that has been my rock. It is called BackBlaze and the great thing about this tool is once you set up, it backs up your computer/laptop in the background to their online servers.

So, if you happen to lose anything, you can recover your work in a few minutes. Also, because this is backed up online, in the case of fire, theft or any other life drama, you still have your content. There are no limits on file size. And one of the things you have to remember is if you delete a file on your computer, it will be deleted on your back up. Read more about BackBlaze.

I generally do not suggest tools unless I have used it extensively. After a few years of using this concurrently with another company’s software (yeah, I used 2 as I was so traumatised by losing my work), I plan to switch over to BackBlaze. No more tears or drama for me. So why not give it a try especially if you have no backup in place?


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By the way, I highly recommend backing up your work online even if you back up on external/flash drives. I have had external drives crash on me and lost/damaged/corrupted flash drives and memory sticks. By using BackBlaze, I don’t even have to think about backing up. Plus, I back up my external drives too. Moreover, it is so affordable and you get a 15-day trial. Feel free to compare BackBlaze plans.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you more tools I use to help me efficiently create, share, sell my content.

Disclaimer: I occasionally link to products and earn fees. But I only share/suggest products I trust and use.

Keep creating!

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