The title of your book can help you sell your book by effectively conveying what your book is about. Get it wrong and you leave people scratching their heads as to what your book is about. If you are lucky, they will take a look at the back cover blurb or the contents page.

But the reality is you only have a few seconds to convince a book lover to part with their hard earned cash – especially now they can use the look inside facility that Amazon provides. If the content is poorly written as with the title, you will loose the sale.

So before you go off to register your book title with Nielsen BookData or get too attached with your book title (like we writers do), bounce the idea around with others (friends, family, etc). Gauge their reaction. Do they understand the words? Does it make sense?

When I was writing my second book, Overcoming Emotional Baggage: A Woman’s Guide To Living The Abundant Life (ISBN 0-924748-73-7), I was actually contemplating having the words ‘female hybrid’ in the title. When I asked people around me, many did not know what a hybrid was let alone a female one. Though I went to great lengths to explain it and had chapters in the book about the words, the fact was the concept I was trying to use was causing confusion that left many trying to understand what I was trying to say. In the end, I ditched it but I’m glad I had the sense to ask around for feedback and take it on board.

So now, I have several titles as I’m writing a new book. I also change it as I feel my book evolving. And even then, when I pass it on to my editor, it is still up for discussion as I have learned to value another set of eyes and other people’s feedback.

I encourage you to do the same!

Posted by Gladys Famoriyo, Founder, Gladys Famoriyo Academy Author, Overcoming Emotional Baggage (0-924748-73-7) & Healing A Discouraged Heart (978-0-9562606-3-5) CEO, Success Partners & GF Books Book Expert | Speaker | Coach

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