Have you considered the fact that your thoughts play a huge part in the person we see today?  If all you see in the mirror is a fat, ugly, useless woman or even a failure, those things are who you will eventually become.  There is a proverb in the bible that says, “as a man thinketh, so is he”.  So could the reason for where you are today be due to what you have been harbouring on the inside?  Maybe you can’t see a way out of your current situation – after all, things look kinda bleak right now.  Maybe you have tried and failed so many times, that you are now beginning to think that what ‘they’ said was true – about you never amount to anything.

Well, princess, please hold that thought!

I know it may be hard to see beyond your current circumstances but no situation is permanent.  Moreover, I don’t care what anyone has said about you but you are special and you have a lot to offer.  Therefore, I challenge you to change your thought patterns.  Make a decision to adopt a positive stance on life and develop the ability to see yourself doing great things in your mind – regardless of your current situation.  You may want to affirm yourself every day using affirmation statements to help you along the way.

Princess, show me a successful woman and you can bet your bottom dollar that over time (the good, bad and the ugly), she has convinced herself internally that she is a winner, all things are possible and she can be a success.  Don’t let your past failures be your focus.  Learn to look beyond them.

Are you willing to change your destiny by changing your thoughts?  Please do because we are counting on you, Princess.

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