Have you noticed that you can have all the money, fame, and success in the world and still be miserable? Have you ever wondered why? Well, I have come to realize that these things were designed to enhance our lives i.e. be a blessing to us. The mistake many make is that these become the fuel that keeps their torch burning. Now if you were to take a close peek into their lives, you may find a person with a number of voids or gaps (e.g. unmet needs). To help them cope, they tend to develop coping mechanisms that may include compulsive, impulsive and addictive behaviors simply to keep them going. And if you were to take away their fuel (e.g. success, money or fame), they may experience a breakdown as they have propped themselves with the wrong support system (fuel). The only fuel I have found to work for me is knowing who I really am in God. Nothing else!

Princess, so I guess now is the time to consider what is propping you up. If the only thing that keeps your boat afloat is your accomplishments, accolades and the like whilst avoid dwells on the inside of you, you may find yourself heading for a fall. So I say stock up on the right fuel to ensure a truly happy, fulfilled, and purposeful life.

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