We work with churches and organisations to promote emotional wellness and resilience. Our goal is to equip churches and organisations in tackling the escalating incidence of mental health issues in our society today. We do this through:

  • Consultancy: Partnering with organisations to identify and implement wellness strategies to improve or maintain the wellness climate of the organisation and promote resilience.
  • Training and Development: Deploying training sessions, workshops, seminars and talks, on various topics and themes, to individuals across the organisation (see below).
  • Train the Trainer & Train the Leader Programmes: Equipping leaders, managers, facilitators, trainers and wellbeing advocates with the skills to promote wellness in their teams, departments and across the organisation.

Topics & themes we cover

  • Bouncing back and becoming resilient
  • Preventing mental health issues at work/Church
  • Dealing with hurts and unforgiveness at work/Church
  • Becoming emotionally savvy at work/Church
  • Working smarter, not harder to avoid burnout
  • Understanding boundaries
  • Mind and Body: Are they connected?
  • How to live a baggage-free, purpose-driven life at work
  • Staying on Top: Strategies to maintain peak performance
  • Stress and Burnout: Triggers and warning signs
  • Surviving and maximising challenging life experiences
  • Effectively dealing with setbacks, disappointment, and discouragement
  • From Zero to Hero: Achieving your goals through powerful cycling principles
  • Baggage Free Leadership: Leading others/teams without the baggage
  • Baggage Free Team Player: How to work effectively without the baggage

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