Grace Gladys Famoriyo launched a project called, ‘Wellness in the Cities’. The project aims to support the wellness of individuals, giving them tools to improve/maintain their wellness as well as become more resilient.

The emotional wellness of individuals, groups, communities and cities is at the heart of this project and we have been humbled to have delivered various initiatives for nearly twenty years. Although a small organisation, we estimate a reach of over 750,000 people in just the last decade through various channels.


Our past project

Here are some of the projects we have delivered in the past:

• Raising funds to build (from scratch) a library for a women’s refuge in Buckinghamshire, in addition to running a workshop. Goal: Empower and educate women, improve/maintain their wellbeing, change patterns of behaviour, improve literacy and eliminate isolation.

• Donating books to a women’s library scheme in a rural village in Kenya. Goal: Empower and educate disadvantaged and socially isolated women, improve/maintain their wellbeing and improve literacy.

• Delivering a 2-day pilot workshop in a female prison, in addition to donating books to their library.  Goal: Reduce the rate of self-harm, depression, hopelessness and self-inflicted deaths whilst improving emotional wellness during custody (and beyond).  Also improving literacy.


Our vision is to increase our reach to over ONE million people. The goal is to promote the wellness of people across the uk.


How we plan to do this
We plan to donate paperback books, written by Grace Gladys Famoriyo JP, to pre-selected city centre libraries. Our goal is to make these books freely accessible to library users. Each book includes practical principles, tools and doses of inspiration to equip individuals facing the challenges of life.

How you can help
Help us raise funds to deliver this project. This will cover printing, logistics and publicity costs. We also plan to meet with senior library officials to discuss how we can support people in their communities. No amount is too small and every little bit helps. So click the donate button and make a real difference in the lives of others.

And if we smash our target…
Any additional funds raised will go towards phase 2 of this project, making a difference to nominated prison libraries, women’s refuges or other community services.