We work with organisations to promote wellness and resilience. Our goal is to help in tackling the escalating incidence of mental health issues in our society today. We do this through:

  • Consultancy: Partnering with organisations to identify and implement wellness strategies to improve or maintain the wellness climate of the organisation and promote resilience.
  • Training and Development: Deploying training sessions, workshops, seminars and talks, on various topics and themes, to individuals across the organisation (see below).
  • Train the Trainer & Train the Leader Programmes: Equipping leaders, managers, facilitators, trainers and wellbeing advocates with the skills to promote wellness in their teams, departments and across the organisation.

Topics & themes we cover

  • Bouncing back and becoming resilient
  • Preventing mental health issues
  • Dealing with hurts and unforgiveness
  • Becoming emotionally savvy
  • Working smarter, not harder to avoid burnout
  • Understanding boundaries
  • Mind and Body: Are they connected?
  • How to live a baggage-free, purpose-driven life
  • Staying on Top: Strategies to maintain peak performance
  • Stress and Burnout: Triggers and warning signs
  • Surviving and maximising challenging life experiences
  • Effectively dealing with setbacks, disappointment, and discouragement
  • From Zero to Hero: Achieving your goals through powerful cycling principles
  • Baggage Free Leadership: Leading others/teams without the baggage
  • Baggage Free Team Player: How to work effectively without the baggage

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