This article is a must-read for anyone struggling to find time to write their book, create their course, write their business plan, take a course or do anything that is important to you. Managing my time has been something I have been focusing my efforts on, for the last 9 months, to increase my productivity, effectiveness and get some goals done. The result has been incredible.

I have never really been a binge TV watcher or social media surfer. I know how to hunker down when a book, course or project needs to be completed (hence why I can write a book in a weekend). But I am always re-evaluating how I am spending my time, making sure I am maximising the time I have been so graciously blessed with. 

People say money is precious. And many go running after it. I say TIME is our greatest currency. Yet so many of us are time poor.

So watch out for time-wasting activities e.g. binge TV, social media surfing, etc. Instead, use the time to get a goal on your goal/resolution list done. 

In this context, share your knowledge, skill, expertise or talents in a book, course, and much more. Think of the returns: becoming an author-creator, multiple incomes, changed lives, engaged followers, and much more.

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