Every year, millions of us start making plans to achieve our and/or professional goals. These may include landing a dream job, starting or building a business, buying a home, writing a book, embarking a training/professional programme, etc. However, if you are serious about making your goals/aspirations a success, I have a tip for you: Work on the inner you. Specifically, Get Rid Of Your Emotional Clutter!

Why is this important?

Well, my years of supporting women and leaders become successful confirmed my theories in that success requires what I refer to as success-promoting factors. From my experience, emotional baggage is NOT one of them! Emotional baggage is the stuff we accumulate through our life experiences such as unresolved issues, low self-esteem, etc. When care is not taken to overcome these in a healthy manner, they end up obstructing your capacity for success.


Over the years, I have seen:

– Great ideas come to nought.
– High flyers take a downward spiral.
– Managers/leaders stifle or destroy their careers.
– Professionals short change themselves.
– Businesses fail to flourish.
– Innumerable potentials fail to be materialised or maximised.
– And much more. Truthfully speaking, after seeing this once to many times, it compelled me to write my book, Overcoming Emotional Baggage, to support women (in particular) who are heading for the top.

So what’s the answer?

Simply put, eradicate your emotional baggage! Sadly, when left with no real support, you may join the ranks of many who opt to deny the obvious, sidestep issues and pretend everything is ok whilst hiding behind masks. To cope, you may find yourself resorting to the likes of addictive behaviours e.g. food (comfort eating), money (‘retail therapy’), alcohol, work, drugs, etc – all which open up a can of worms.

The fact is overcoming emotional baggage requires internal changes (attitudes and beliefs) as these are what underpins your behaviours. It requires confronting underlying issues as opposed to merely treating emotional symptoms. It also requires support. Without these, you will find your emotional baggage becoming an obstacle to your success (whichever way you define it) like it has done to countless others. So I guess now is a great time to seriously consider why you may not have been successful with your past/current goals. Look beneath the surface and ask yourself, “What’s really going on?”. Why has another year go by with your success (yet again) impinged on by your emotional clutter?

Therefore, if you are truly serious about succeeding this year, consider doing the following:

– Discover if you are carrying emotional baggage.
– Understand how your emotional baggage may have affected you as a person and/or stifled/hindered your success.
– Find out what techniques you have adopted in the past.
– Learn practical strategies to overcome them in a healthy manner.
– Implement support systems to avoid them affecting your potential for success.
– Take time out to assess the impact of your behaviours.

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