In recent years, I have been looking into the emotional challenges women face and how this affects our ability to succeed. I discovered the fact that a number of us embraced certain myths, which in the long term could have a negative impact on our emotional well-being. And when care is not taken to redress this, our potential to succeed could be dramatically affected. Below are the top three myths I have come across:

“I’m doing well in my career/business. So, this must be an indication that I’m fine”

Not in all instances. Moreover, if you want lasting success versus being a one-hit-wonder or avoid falling from glory (as some do) demands you invest in all areas of your life including your emotional life.

“I seem to be in a pretty good condition. Therefore the rest of me must be too”

On the contrary! Just because certain parts of ‘you’ are in good shape does not mean that your entire being is. Having a healthy body or spirit does not always equate to a healthy mind (though it does help!).

“I have always been this way” or “This is the way I am”

This may be true. However, bear in mind that your attitudes and beliefs drive your behaviours. So maybe it is time you deal with some of the mind-sets you have held on to.


I firmly believe that there is a strong link between our emotional well-being and our levels of success. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in this integral part of our being as failure to do so can render even our best efforts and intentions to nought. It’s akin to pouring water into a cracked cup. Sooner or later, its contents leak out!

So as the year gradually comes to an end, take some time to consider some of the mind-sets you may embrace and/or the general state of your emotional life. If either is unhealthy, I implore you to do something about it. After all, your success depends on it!


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