The fact is we all get stuck with our goals sometimes. More often than not, it is all to do with our mindsets and our worldview of life. Did you know that what you focus on, good or bad, has an impact on your ability to move forward?

Whether we like it or not, we need to take action to achieve our goals. This includes your goals around creating your content. If you think you will never create any valuable content and/or never make money from it, you are probably right. Why? Cos you have already convinced yourself this is the case.

Now, what if you took another approach and thought: “Others have done this successfully, so can I”. What do you think would happen? There is a high chance you will achieve your goals. The only difference was your mindsets, belief systems and attitudes.

Here is my secret: When I am having a ‘Grace’ moment, here is a list of actions I take:

  1. I turn to my faith. For me, this is the thing that keeps my boat afloat.
  2. I listen to my inner dialogue. What have I been telling myself of late? Then, I make the necessary adjustments.
  3. I consider what I have been focusing on: glass half full versus empty? I then find something positive to distract me. This could be a 40-mile ride on my bike or taking a few hours off work.
  4. I change my approach. If what I am doing is not working I step back, reassess and change. Simple
  5. I seek external motivation. I hang out with like-minded folk going in the same direction. I listen to motivational/inspirational books, podcasts, and messages.
  6. I reflect on how I have been treating myself. Have I been eating/sleeping/resting properly with lashings of fun? If not, I make changes.

Personally, these have been principles that have kept me going especially in the moments when life happened. Read my self-help books to get a flavour of my journey as well as keep your wellbeing, mindsets, and attitudes in check.

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To wrap this up, watch this video by Tony Robbins. It’s 46mins long but worth every moment.

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