Anyone who knows me knows that this princess loves to read. From the time I learned to read, I would wolf down the contents of a book in a matter of hours. I remember the times in school where one book would go around the class and you literally had one night with the coveted item before it had to be returned.

So I guess it was no surprise that this passion followed me into adulthood. However, there was only one teeny-weeny snag. I just could not find the time – as much as I wanted to. If I did, it was just before bed and you know what happens next? Let’s just say sleep gets the better part of me so much so that I wake up in the middle of the night with my lights still on and my book somewhere on the floor (well, I am being real with you!). Even when I carved out time in my day, I just I discovered that I could not seem to read just as fast or that I often paused to reflect which could guzzle into the precious time I have. This frustrated me for many years, as my aim was to read at least a book a month. After all, my philosophy was, “how could I continue to pour out into others or ‘water’ others and not have the same done to me”. Get my drift?

And then I discovered iPods (thank you, Jesus!). Not only does it now house my entire CD collection, it has my Bible on CD. But wait for it…….I could now buy audiobooks (cheaply from http://www.audiblelistener.com/) and listen to them as I go along in my day. It’s perfect for journeys/vacations, doing house chores, or listening to in bed. The good thing is many books can be bought unabridged i.e. you listen to it word for word as in the original book so you don’t miss out on any nuggets. Better still when I have had a long day staring at my beloved computer, I certainly don’t fancy straining my eyes to read again. There are also many book genres. So not only can I listen to a romantic novel, I can catch up on the latest personal development or even management book. Cool or what? And so now, this princes is back to devouring down books again and I am loving every second of it. The only downside is that you need a computer, Internet access and lots of space on your pc (though you can delete unwanted files or burn them on CD). Plus if you happen to fall asleep whilst listening, you can’t just rewind it like a tape or CD though you can go back to a segment which means you may have to hear the same thing twice (or more!).

Are you a reader too? Do you get enough time to read as much as you would like to? If not. can you find a ‘techie’/non-techie way around it? I would be delighted to hear your views.

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