Let me start by sharing a conversation I recently had with a lady I met. She jokingly mentioned that she was the cheapest person on earth to get anything out of. By this, she was referring to the endless people who kept coming to her and utilising her area of expertise as a consultant. The conversation was always along the lines of, “can I buy you coffee or lunch?”. And during lunch, the questions and pleas for help will come. And she, having a generous heart, would share, help, mentor, coach…..all for free. By the way, this was a regular thing, taking up a considerable amount of time. When I suggested perhaps sharing her knowledge in a short book or even a series of books, she responded by saying she was not a writer. When I reframed the situation by highlighting 1) how much of her valuable time was being taken away from some of her huge goals/projects, she reconsidered, and 2) when I also mentioned the fact that she could reach a lot more people who needed the same assistance, that also made her think.

I share this because that lady reminded me of ‘me’. The phone rang endlessly of people wanting help. Of course, I always wanted to help women but did it to my own detriment. I had no system in place, of which the book would have been the first step to them moving forward. Plus, there was only a finite amount of time in a day. How many can I help in ‘brief chats’ versus a book that would be globally available? Plus, when was I supposed to work? So, some years ago, I chose to invest in writing as a means of serving humanity. Of course, there are loads of ways of doing this but we are talking in the context of sharing our know-how as well as generating multiple incomes.

So why am I encouraging you to write? Here are ten reasons to consider:

  1. You get to play your part in serving humanity.
  2. You get to leave a legacy behind.
  3. You get to reach more people.
  4. It frees you to do other things you really want/need to do.
  5. You create passive income.
  6. You can build on this to create multiple income sources (e.g. book > talks > live training > coaching/consulting).
  7. You build credibility as an expert.
  8. You can offer more value through a book.
  9. You also help people grow, take ownership, invest in their development and get better outcomes.
  10. You also serve them better. When people ask me about something I have a book or course on, I send them to the course or book! It’s all in there. Now, if they need further help/guidance, I have a mentoring/coaching programme which they can invest in (money, effort and time). By the way, this is not about selling to people. It’s about me becoming more accountable with my time as I am here on earth for a purpose. I have to keep my eye on the ball. As it can take me only a weekend to write a book, I will always choose this option.

By the way, you can, of course, opt to write a blog or start a Youtube channel. But the principle is the same. Sharing what you know using a 1:many model.

Oh, and if you would like to learn how to write, my programme will be opening in September 2019. As a valued member of my community, you will get first invites. For now, start to think about your book idea. Use the free eBook I sent you to solidify your ideas.

Pssst: I plan to turn this email series into a book. So people not on my mailing list can also learn. What content can you share with others?


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