Quick Tips To Ditching Your Baggage

Quick Tips To Ditching Your Baggage

1. Uncover youremotional baggage’ e.g. unresolved issues, negative emotions, unhealthy or inaccurate mindsets, etc.

2. Take action to bring about your emotional restoration and wellbeing:
 God-help: Ask God to help you on your journey. Trust me, you will need His help to uncover, deal with any issues and embark your journey to wholeness

Self-help: Identify specific actions you can START, STOP or CONTINUE to promote your restoration/wellbeing e.g. breaking or restoring a relationship, setting healthier boundaries (e.g. learning to say ‘no’), forgiving someone, avoiding isolation, etc.

3. A key part of your journey to restoration is monitoring your progress. So build in some ‘me’ time to prayerfully reflect on your progress and make adjustments when necessary.