How To Keep Your Dreams and Goals Alive

How To Keep Your Dreams and Goals Alive

Have you been facing constant obstacles or failure? Or maybe your lack of progress and constant rejections has now taken its toll on you. And now you may find yourself discouraged and stuck. Well, I am here to re-emphasize the fact to you that “IF THE DREAM IS BIG ENOUGH, THE FACT (simply) DON’T COUNT!(more…)

Are You Becoming Allergic To Modern Life?

Strange question? Perhaps but could this be the reason why some of us are experiencing a conundrum of modern syndromes/unexplained illnesses such as chronic fatigue, various disorders (e.g. digestive, sleep, eating disorders), muscle aches/pains, etc? In recent years, these have left many doctors baffled. More so, us Christians especially as we fast, pray and bind the devil. But are we giving the enemy far too much credit when in fact we should be looking closer to home? (more…)

Deal With Your F.E.A.R!

Have you ever started a project, dream or goal and but quit because of your fears? Maybe you had an idea but never got it off the ground because you thought it might not workout? Are you the type whose mind conjures 101 images of what could go wrong? Sounds like you may have been bitten by the FEAR bug? (more…)