How To Keep Your Dreams and Goals Alive

How To Keep Your Dreams and Goals Alive

Have you been facing constant obstacles or failure? Or maybe your lack of progress and constant rejections has now taken its toll on you. And now you may find yourself discouraged and stuck. Well, I am here to re-emphasize the fact to you that “IF THE DREAM IS BIG ENOUGH, THE FACT (simply) DON’T COUNT!(more…)

Change The Rules And Make The Best Of The Rest Of Your Life

Is there a discrepancy between the life you live now and the life you dream of?Are you constantly frustrated by the way you have crafted your life?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above, my question to you is what are you willing to do about it? Many of us crave change but do little or nothing to make the change a reality. Now let me put things into context here. Change does not have to be some huge life-changing activity (although it can include such goals). Nor does it have to take a great deal of effort to bring about the change. I often find that it is the little changes I make in my life that adds the most value.


Are You A Female Hybrid?

On our journeys in life, we at times experience challenges and/or situations that may result in hurt, pain, disappointment, grief and separation. As a result, you may find yourself emotionally battered, bruised and wounded. Coupled with the ‘stuff’ you may have been carrying from your yesteryears, it is possible you find yourself living as a mere shadow of the woman you once were. I call this woman a ‘female hybrid’. (more…)