From my experience as a coach, the following have been shown to hinder many from completing their manuscripts and getting their book published. Perhaps you can identify with one or more? If so, do something about it.

Reason 1: You have no real goals you are working towards

Solution: Set a goal e.g. to create content for an hour a day, complete your first draft in the next six months. Better still, set a date for your product or service launch or link it to a milestone event such as a milestone birthday, business launch, a key speaking engagement, etc. I have done all of these with my clients and it works a treat!

Reason 2: You lack the impetus to keep forging ahead

Solution: Connect with other like-minded people. Don’t try to do it alone. Iron sharpens iron! Connect with other writers, join a group, etc.

Reason 3: You feel demotivated

Solution: Remind yourself of your goals, dreams, and purpose with regards to the content you are trying to create. Think about those who lose out when you fail to write (yourself and others). Also, consider if there are external factors causing this (e.g. stress, pressures at work, problematic relationships, etc.).

Reason 4: You have been bitten by the procrastination bug

Solution: Just get on with it. And if you keep dragging your feet, maybe you need to ask yourself if this project is really for you and if it is for this season of your life.

Reason 5: You lack self-discipline

Solution: Without self-discipline, the fact is you will never finish any project. It’s like saying you want to run a marathon and you never train. How far do you think you will get? I suspect not far. So get going. Start small. And set realistic goals. Forget about spending hours a day. Start with something manageable like 20 minutes.

Reason 6: You lack adequate support or know-how

Solution: Get the support, skills or know-how you need. Find experts, mentors and coaches who can support you.

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