One Minute Tonic For The Heart: 365 Inspirational Daily Devotions


365 Inspirational Nuggets to Combat Discouragement

Feeling weary? Burdened? Uncertain? Anxious?

Life’s discouraging moments can weigh you down. However, One Minute Tonic for the Heart shows you how a single minute with God in prayerful contemplation will buoy you up.

In a busy and cluttered life, it’s easy to deprive yourself of adequate time with Him. Now you can give yourself the space to stop and think and pray, and be in the moment.


One Minute Tonic for the Heart…..

Helps you on those days when you feel down and blue. You’ll find the ideas and inspirations to help you focus on your daily blessings, your purpose, growth, wellbeing and relationship with God. One Minute Tonic for the Heart also helps you in those moments when you are unsure of the road ahead or unclear which turn to take.

One Minute Tonic for the Heart combines 365 uplifting, bite-sized nuggets with the Scriptures, to keep you focused on what really matters: your relationship with God and the true state of your heart. One Minute Tonic for the Heart helps you cultivate and deepen your relationship with God as you mindfully ponder on His Word. Use One Minute Tonic for the Heart to give your mind a daily workout to eliminate toxic thoughts and unhealthy emotions.

Just remember … tapping into God’s strength is like the wind beneath your wings. It will help you soar over whatever you are facing in life. For He is the only One who can truly make your heart smile again.


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One Minute Tonic for the Heart

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