Healing A Discouraged Heart


Getting Back On Track When Life Lets You Down

You Prayed. You Hoped. You Waited…

Yet, life is not turning out the way you planned. And now you are burdened with the feelings of abandonment, confusion, disappointment and broken dreams. Deep within you, a crisis of faith brews that throws up questions like, Why me? Where is God? Why is this happening to me? Does He care? When your difficult, uncertain or desperate situation persists, you find yourself becoming weary and discouraged. And so Healing A Discouraged Heart offers practical insights, new perspectives and real hope.


So what now?

Author, speaker and coach Gladys Famoriyo knows exactly how you feel. And in her journey to catapult herself out of the chasm of discouragement, she rediscovered some essential lessons about God, life and everything else in between. One crucial lesson was the fact that God hears … God answers … just not always the way we are expecting. This can be a hard pill to swallow but one that can bring about inner peace and hope at times when it feels like God has failed to show up, as expected.

And so Healing A Discouraged Heart offers practical insights, useful exercises, enlightening human stories and inspiring Bible quotations to offer new perspectives, real hope and an uplifted heart.

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