When talking of quality, I refer not only to one aspect of your book like the cover or layout, I mean the whole thing. One trap aspiring authors fall into is failing to deliver a good quality book, through and through. Many often cut corner thinking they are saving themselves money.

Grace Famoriyo - Great Covers Sell Books

But in the long run, it’s like cutting off your face to spite your nose. My philosophy is pay now or you pay later!
In this day and time when book buyers are getting savvier and can even take a peek into your book, download sample chapters, quality is of the essence.
Here are some areas to pay attention to:

  • The content – get a good editor to work on your book
  • Page design layout – unless you have the skills & time to do this, I say outsource this
  • Book cover – this is not a job for your kid brother or sister who is great with the likes of Photoshop. Get a trained expert with professional experience who knows what will sell or not.
  • Back cover blurb – this is a key selling tool that many overlook. So make sure is honed to help you sell your book.

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