Now, now, before you all shout me down, I am not talking about pride, as we know it.  What I am referring to is self-pride or commonly known as self-esteem.  A princess who has good esteem of herself has trust in her own abilities, qualities, and judgment.  Moreover, she recognises her worth.  Because of this, she takes pride in whom she has been created to be and never seeks to be a duplicate of someone else.  She oozes with so much confidence in herself, that she can walk with her head high, set high standards for herself and truly pursue living a purposeful life.  After all, she knows who she is……a princess on a mission here on planet Earth.

What about you?  Have you recognized your true value?  Maybe the price you have placed on yourself is far too low or you have simply lost sight of it as you’ve been running on the ‘treadmills of life’.  So why not take some time out to re-establish your self-pride.  After all, you are worth it!

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