Recent death of someone I highly respected made me sit back and think. Her life was cut short, in her prime, by a freak accident. And that was the end of it! Then it occurred to me, THAT WAS IT! She could not go back to give her kids a hug or tell her husband she loved him again. As for her career, ministry, purpose, etc, THAT WAS IT! No more chances. It made me wonder that if the time came, would I be truly happy the way I left the world. Were there things I kept putting off? Did I delay enjoying life till I got yet another task/project completed? Was I living purposely till the end? Was I living my life the way I wanted to live it? Many questions flooded my mind and I decided I needed to do 2 things:

1.        Number my days i.e. maximising every day I have left.

2.        Create new rules to live by. After all, I am the CEO of my life Inc.

Maybe you have been pondering on this too? If that’s the case, DO SOMETHING! Don’t wait for another day. Tomorrow may be too late.

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