Prides herself in who she has been created to be and never seeks to be a duplicate of someone else.

Recognises her worth and the greatness that lies within her.  Therefore, she sets high standards for herself and lives by them.  She does not tolerate inappropriate behaviour towards her and has healthy boundaries in place to safeguard her.

Insightful of her unique giftings, calling and, frankly speaking, why she is here on planet Earth!  This then makes her focused as she strives to live purposefully, every day.

Never misses a good opportunity and seizes every chance that comes by her way.  Never admits defeat but always looks for new and/or more ways to make things happen.

Continually nurtures and invests in herself spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, educationally, and much more, daily – because she knows she is worth it!  She spends time working on both the internal and external parts of her being.

Excels in all that she does and takes the necessary steps to be her best.  Gives no room for procrastination, mediocrity, or fear.  Known for always taking huge leaps of faith and boldly stepping where others may not have stepped before.

Systematically makes plans about her life and implements them.  Because she is not selfish, she consistently considers how she can make her life count and impact her world.

Shares her gifts, talents, and abilities with the world as she recognises she is an Ambassador here on earth.  She strives to leave a godly legacy behind and is celebrated well after she is no longer with us.

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