Keep Calm and Carry on

Keep going by Gladys Famoriyo

…You shall receive a harvest!

Do you sometimes feel like your good efforts are not yielding a great deal? Maybe you have helped people along the way, invested your time and money into relationships, sown into a ministry or worked hard at your career/business and are now wondering whats the point when all your efforts don’t seem to be paying off.

In the natural, our first instinct may be to stop what we are doing. According to the old adage, if what you are doing is not working, they say try another approach. The challenge we face is that we live in a result-driven, fast-paced world. We even have technology to help us do things faster, better, easier, etc. In doing this, we get used to seeing quick results. And if something is not working, we move on to the next thing. Therefore, it is no surprise this has now filtered into our thought processes where we expect kingdom principles to yield results in the twinkling of an eye. If only this was the case all the time.

Don’t get weary in doing good

Well, the simple truth is that God wants you to continue doing good, regardless of the results you may or may not see. The fact of the matter is that your harvest may come in a different way than what you expect. It could be that you may not see the fruit of your labours whilst you are alive as the beneficiaries may be a future generation. It may be that your reward or ‘thank you’ may not come until you appear at the pearly gates. Hence, this means a lifetime of doing good, regardless! And whilst you may feel your efforts are not amounting to much, in the bigger scheme of things, it is doing a great deal. Moreover, God is pleased with your simple obedience to keep doing something for which you may not see an obvious reward or outcome.
In Hebrews 6:10, the scripture tells us that God is not an unfair God. God, who sees and knows all things, will reward you for your labours of love. Galatians 6:9 encourages us not to be weary of doing good. Instead, we should keep being a blessing to others, as we will reap a harvest in Gods time. In Isaiah 49:1-7, Isaiah talks about his labours being futile, with a lot of effort being wasted. Can you relate? Maybe God has asked you to do something and you did it wholeheartedly. Yet, the results, you believe, were zilch! Worst still, you faced opposition in trying to accomplish it. But going back to that passage, God answers him by giving him an even bigger reward.

Don’t be moved by what you see

So don’t get too caught up with what you see and don’t see. That said, this is no excuse for you to become sloppy neither. Ensure you watch your heart and keep doing what God has asked you to do. Don’t opt to sow sparingly, give/work grudgingly or adopt the wrong motives. For God sees the heart and loves it when we give cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:6-7). Moreover, He promises that as we pour out, we will be replenished. I don’t know about you but I can testify to this. When you give (of your time, effort, money, etc) in obedience, God always pays you back though not in the way we sometimes expect it. God operates in endless ways and He does not think the way we do.
So don’t get weary in going good. Instead, ask God to give you the heart and strength to keep going – regardless!

Written by Gladys Famoriyo. Author of: Overcoming Emotional Baggage; Healing A Discouraged Heart; Quit Hiding, Start Living! and Bounce Back!

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