Whilst the focus, this time of the year, tends to be on things such as sales, being merry, etc (NB: there is nothing wrong with this in moderation), why not take some time to think about the outgoing year and what you would like to achieve in the new year?

So in the past 12 months…

– What worked well?
– What didn’t work out and what you could be improved on?
– What areas of your life need more/less attention?
– What needs to happen to help you live the life you want?

Doing this will give you a good grounding for the coming year and help you become more focused on your approach.

As the years roll by, I have discovered that my time has become more precious to me than ever. And so anything that a more focused approach to living life will rob me of the very life I crave…one that will bring fulfilment coupled with a sense of purpose.

So rather than leap into the new year willy-nilly, think about what you want to accomplish and work backward. Adopt my traffic light approach: what do I need to start, stop or continue to do to help me live the life I deserve and crave?

Why? Because you are worth it!!!

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