Have you ever thought about the powerful correlation that exists between the state of one’s mind and the level of success one accomplishes? Do you realise that harbouring unhealthy emotional traits can thwart all your good intentions to succeed? This is particularly important for those aiming for the top.

You’ve heard the parable of the foolish man who built his house on the sands. When the storms of life come along, it all came toppling down. Well, that’s what could potentially happen if you’re emotional foundations are not strong enough to hold up the success structures your planning to build. You see your foundation is the base you build various aspects of your life. The stronger it is, the more chances you have to succeed in life. If your foundation is weak, sooner or later the empire you’re building will topple over.

To attract and retain success requires you to be in the best emotional shape possible. So can I ask you, how healthy are your emotions? Are your unresolved issues or unmet needs the driving force in your life? Are they dictating the decisions you make or how you run your life? Another good indicator is when your emotions are all over the place (high one day, low another) or the real you take a back seat – dancing to the tune of others.

Please bear in mind that your emotions are a powerful force that can propel you in the right direction or clog you up and hinder your ability to attract and retain success. Think about it, how many emotionally unstable people have lasting success? Very few – if any at all!

So why not start strengthening your foundation by getting rid of unresolved issues with the aim of developing a healthy state of mind. Only then will you be really free to be yourself. Moreover, you’ll be in a position to make the right decisions to take you in the direction you want to go.

Remember, you can only go as far as your foundations will permit you!


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