Whilst many of us set out to achieve great things in our writing career, the fact is despite the number of years that have flown by, many of us are still struggling to get past the starting line. We say we want to write a book but it continues to remain a wish list. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. You don’t know where to start. Solution: Don’t just sit there. Get clued up! Get some training, read books, get a mentor/coach, etc. Don’t let ignorance or lack of knowledge rob you of your dream.
  2. You lack the impetus to keep forging ahead. Solution: Connect with other like-minded women. Iron sharpens iron!
  3. You feel demotivated. Solution: Remind yourself of your dream/purpose. Think about those who loose out when you fail to write (yourself and others). Also, consider if there are external factors causing this (e.g. stress, pressures at work, problematic relationships, etc).
  4. You have no real goals you are working towards. Solution: Set a goal e.g. to write for an hour a day, complete your first draft in the next six months.
  5. You have been bitten by the procrastination bug. Solution: Just get on with it. And if you keep dragging your feet, maybe you need to ask yourself if writing is really for you and/or if it is for this season of your life.
  6. You lack self-discipline. Solution: Without self-discipline, the fact is you will never finish your book. It’s like saying you want to run a marathon and you never train. How far do you think you will get on the 26-mile hike? I suspect not far. So get up and start small. Don’t say you will write for 10 hours in the day when you can’t even manage 10 minutes. Maybe 10 minutes is where you ought to start and build it up.
  7. You lack adequate support. Solution: Build a community of support around you including friends, family, mentors, coaches, technical gurus (page designers, cover designers, editors), etc.

It is worth bearing in mind that all of the above are major roadblocks/show stoppers which if not resolved, will keep your writing aspirations permanently at bay. So if you can identify with one or more of the above, consider the solutions I have offered. Whatever you do, take some form of action lest the syndrome.


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