– I don’t have to be the one to help out people, family or friends all the time because God has others lined up to use too!
– I don’t have to be the one to bail family and friends out all the time – just do what I know what God wants me to do and leave the rest. I am not God.

– I don’t have to feel guilty when I cannot help a family member or friend for whatever reason or when I hear someone else do what I felt I should have done. It’s ok, God can use others to and I should be cool with that.
– I don’t have to feel guilty for spending some time, money or other resources because I need investment too!
– I don’t have to feel uneasy when I decide to sit down and do nothing despite the items on my to-do list are yelling out my name. I can simply ignore them.


– I don’t have to accept something I know in my inner being is not what God wants for me and/or is not right for me – My liberty in Christ means I can walk away.
– I don’t have to allow someone close or into my world, who does not value me, cherish my existence and celebrate the woman I have been called to be. Seeing God does not treat me this way, I don’t have to accept it from others.
Choose to walk in your God-given liberty. For whilst you are caught up in the guilt-filled living, you miss God completely! Choose a guilt-free life!

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