So often we are so deeply entrenched in carrying out the ‘business’ of life – running homes, building careers, attending to loved ones – that we lose sight of who we actually are and maybe ignore problems occurring on the inside. When we add to this the effects of stress encountered on a daily basis, it becomes all too easy to shrug off any growing concerns and just keep going.

Clean out the rubbish

To be emotionally healthy, it’s essential to slow down and take stock. To take time out to deal with accumulating baggage that only weighs us down and stops us from making progress. As a pipe needs to be cleaned out in order for fresh water to run through it, so we need to rid ourselves of all that is ‘stopping us up’ and preventing us from living fruitful, healthy lives.

Get some balance

It’s time to get serious when it comes to striking the balance between work and our personal lives. If things have been completely out of balance, it is worth considering the reasons why we got into this state in the first place. The answers can be very revealing. Take regular retreats, in a peaceful place well away from the business of daily life, to take stock of where you are at and where you are going. And take time just to be!

Accept help

It certainly requires courage to take the first step and admit that we need help. But the good news is that there is help out there and trained counselors who can help you in getting back on track.

Refuse to live below par any longer. You owe it to yourself, and all those around you, to throw off all those things that entangle you and get on with living a full and healthy life!

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