Have you been facing constant obstacles or failure? Or maybe your lack of progress and constant rejections has now taken its toll on you. And now you may find yourself discouraged and stuck. Well, I am here to re-emphasize the fact to you that “IF THE DREAM IS BIG ENOUGH, THE FACT (simply) DON’T COUNT!

Now I know you might think that the facts do count in your case. Well, that may be so but circumstances do change. However, pioneers (one of which you are) don’t quit because of the circumstances they face. They may get battered and bruised by challenges, but they somehow muster the strength and get back in the race.

Keeping Your Dreams Alive

To help you along, here are five powerful tips to keep you going:

  1. Keep your eyes on the end goal i.e. your dream – not what you are currently facing. The change will most certainly come. It’s only a matter of time.
  2. Maximise your waiting room days. Consider how to effectively utilise your time. The chances are you will not be able to reclaim the time back. Could now be the time to sharpen your skills, lay some foundations, or develop yourself further?
  3. Keep your thoughts and words positive. Words (which are driven by your thoughts) are powerful. Speak negative and failure and that’s all you will get. Instead, change your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours to more positive ones – regardless of how many times you have failed.
  4. Take time out to strategically reflect. As a pioneer, you may need to change your strategy (stop or start doing something). Or the case may be you have to persevere doing what you know to do (keep fighting). Remember, only a fool keeps doing the same thing and expects different results.
  5. Get support. Find someone who believes in you and your dream. Someone to cheer you on. Someone to support you (e.g. a Coach). Trust me, on your route to pioneer-hood, you will need it!

Quitting Is NOT An Option!

Please note that quitting is not one of my tips! It pays to remember that only you can birth the dream you are carrying. Moreover, you already have what it takes. And so, if you decide to opt out of the race, consider the greater impact on your world. Ponder on this: If the authors stopped writing, the artists stopped painting, the singers stopped singing, the entrepreneurs stopped creating innovative or adaptive ideas, consider what our world would be like. If you decide to quit, your contributions to our world would also be sadly missed. Moreover, think about the regrets you will have to live with.

Closing Thoughts…

In closing, let me share a secret with you, from one pioneer to another. I have reached a place where it’s not simply about me anymore. Being purpose-driven, I cannot afford to leave this world without using my gifts to affect the world around me. Because doing so would be a disservice to them and akin to burying my talent. That, to me, is a wasted life.

So I have had to fix my attitudes and beliefs with every obstacle or failure I have faced. This has not been easy as this journey is NOT for the faint. Now going back to you, what mental, physical, and spiritual adjustments are you willing to take? Take it from a seasoned dreamer, life can knock you for six but they can’t knock the dreams out of you. Only you have the power to do that. Therefore, the onus is on you to hang on in there, as no condition is permanent!

Encouraging Quotes

Hope deferred makes the heart sick but when the dream comes true, there is life and joy” (Proverbs 13:12 – NLT)

Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win” (unknown)

You need the night to see the stars” (David Molapo – Speaker, Entrepreneur)

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