Turn your book idea into a profit-making book and start generating income from your skills, expertise, passions, talents or life experiences. Position yourself as an expert/influencer. Create engaged audiences and loyal fans who become repeat customers. This package includes: editing, cover design, typesetting/page design, printing and eBook production. Interested? Let's talk.

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I learnt so much about self-publishing from Grace. I got so much value from the content she shared and her vast knowledge and experience.

Highly recommended to anyone wanting support with self-publishing. 

Georgette Taylor


Grace’s expertise and breadth of publishing knowledge are immense.

Working with Grace has been time and money well spent. Grace made it so simple!


Pilira Zapita

Author, Minister and Academic

At last…I now have a simple system and approach to help me write my book.

What I learnt from Grace’s Writers course is second to none!



Jacquelyn Johnson

Executive Administrator

Grace broke the art of self-publishing down to bite-sized chunks anyone could follow.

So what seemed like impossible, become a reality. I am now a published author.


Lisa Anthony-Rigsby

Author, Speaker and Coach

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