Are you determined to succeed as an author?  Perhaps you want to write a book or two. It could be you have started writing or you have even completed your manuscript. Great stuff! But before you take another step, STOP!

Ponder on whether your book production project (PS: it’s not just about writing!) has been failure-proofed by incorporating proven key strategies to position your book for success. If not, you won’t be the first. I see this happen every time someone comes to me for book coaching, mentoring or consulting.

The fact is many aspiring authors are fooled into thinking publishing a good book that will sell is merely about dumping their words on paper or a computer. But it is far more than that.

Because of changes in the industry and the book market, aspiring authors need to become savvier about their book projects. Moreover, book-buying trends have changed over the years. Through the likes of Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ search facility that allows the reader to view sample chapters, contents page, back cover blurb, etc, readers are empowered to make more informed purchasing decisions. In simple terms, it means they can easily distinguish between a book worth spending their precious bucks on and one not worth a second look.

So what does this mean for you as an aspiring author on a mission to succeed? It means you need to get clued-up, smarter and savvy in all aspects of the book production cycle and beyond. Don’t leave your book success to chance!

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