When you mention the current economic climate, many of us tend to focus on its financial impact, our job security, and so on. However, the effects of the recession can be more far-reaching than this. If care is not taken, it can affect your emotional and mental wellbeing – a condition I am referring to as the ‘Recession Syndrome’.

And so, you may find yourself becoming depressed about your situation. You may display negative emotions (e.g. fear, anger, bitterness). You may even resort to ‘blocking out’ your circumstances through the use of food, alcohol, spending, etc. Simply put, you have now amassed emotional baggage of your own.

So what can you do to safeguard you emotional wellbeing? I have five powerful tips for you:

Become Adaptable – This simply means you becoming flexible in your ways. Having this ability will get you through the peaks and troughs of life. So I encourage you to reflect on your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that may not serve you during this fleeting season.

Shift Your Focus – Don’t get too stuck on this current climate – especially the things out of your control. Try shifting your focus and energy on the changes you can make such as planning for your future. Develop a positive outlook and avoid all the ‘doom and gloom’ messages. Remember, just like any other season, this one will surely pass.

Take Control Of Your Life – Could you benefit from reviewing your personal circumstances (job/career, money, etc)? To alleviate the ‘pressures’ (especially financial), why not consider re-evaluating how you spend your time, money, effort, etc. Aim to eliminate stressors in your life.

Build In Some ‘Me Time’ – Press the pause button regularly so you have time to reflect on your wellbeing. Don’t fall into the trap of getting so busy that you loose sight of what is going on with ‘you’ the person. Reflect on various aspects of your life and create a personal action plan to implement necessary changes.

Get A Supportive Network – Surround yourself with people who can give you support when needed. One way of doing this is starting an eWoman Group which is all about promoting emotional wellbeing and developing women. In this forum, you get to talk about issues, develop yourself and learn in a supportive forum. Having the right people around really does help.

In closing, always remember that seasons change. Being the CEO of Your Life, simply re-strategise and create a plan of action to get you through this period whilst remaining intact (on every level). So take charge and do whatever it takes to make it through this time. After all, you are worth it!

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