Holidaycooking Surveys have shown that food shopping bills can be as high as the spending on presents (if not higher by the time you add alcohol!).  So is there a way to cut down on your food shopping bill and still have a fun-filled holiday?  Absolutely!  Here are a few tips:

  • Get out there early and stock up.  Have you ever left your holiday season shopping to the last minute only to find the rejects left behind which can include expensive food ranges?  The trick is to get there before the hoards do and stock up your freezers, cupboards, etc early.
  • Look for alternatives to the usual.  Have you considered trying non-conventional holiday food?  It can be fun as well as taking the monotony of the yearly ritual.  In my family, we decided a long time ago to celebrate Christmas by having every other bird but turkey (especially as we don’t really like it anyway!).  Though we have a few Christmas bits ‘n’ pieces, we just look for equally sweet ‘n’ nice alternatives which don’t cost an arm and a leg – just because it’s Christmas.  You might discover cos all the attention is on turkeys, other birds don’t get as much as a look in and may even be reduced in price for that reason.
  • Have a joint Christmas celebration.  This is the perfect solution for all the singles out there as you can partner with one or more other singles and share the bill.  The same can also work for families too as long as you are clear who is doing what.  That way, you get to spread the costs meaning more in your pocket.

If all fails, why not just cut your coat according to your size, do what you can do to celebrate the day and look forward to more prosperous days ahead.  After all, it’s only one day!

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