You have been hearing me talk about offering value to your audiences. This applies whether you plan to write a book, create a course (live or online), start a coaching/mentoring programme, do a talk (live, webinar, etc). To show what this looks like, below is my checklist of what you need to consider when creating:

  • Does your idea meet the specific needs of your audience? For this to happen, you will need to establish who they are.
  • Will your idea translate into valuable content that would make a positive impact on the reader e.g. evoke change, make them feel better about themselves, improve their lives, etc.?
  • Will your idea offer real/tangible solutions and not mere fluffy, warm, fuzzy feeling stuff? By the way, people see through all that. So, avoid ‘hot air’.
  • Will your idea translate into a clear, concise message for the reader? No waffling, please!
  • Is your market ready for the message or the content you plan to share? Too earlier or have you missed the opportunity?
  • Is your idea so edgy, vague or confusing that no one will ‘get’ what you are trying to share?
  • Would your idea translate into a profitable product?
  • Has your idea been done already? If so, how can you put your unique stance on it?

Closing thoughts

After reading the above, perhaps you now need to tweak what you have done or start all over. Whatever be the case, always have the following at the back of your mind:

“It is NOT about you but your potential buyers/audience”

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