Recently, I took a break from my desk and looked outside my office window to get rid of mental cobwebs and refresh myself. I find the view of the meadow, nature, etc. works wonders. Then something caught my attention in the distance – a modern wind turbine. I was intrigued because it kept ticking along though the air felt still and no wind could be felt. Yet, it kept going

This reminded me of our efforts in life. At times, we may feel we are only making tiny strides. But in actual fact, over time, just like the wind turbine, our cumulative efforts mount up to a lot. And just when life seems to be grinding to a halt, our internal wind (i.e. God) keeps our propellers going.

So be encouraged especially during the times you feel your efforts are not yielding much or your life is not generating enough electricity to ‘light’ the world. The chances are your efforts are causing ‘sparks’. Your immediate circle of influence or community around you (i.e. friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, etc) are also being illuminated and enriched by your continuous movement (efforts).

So what am I trying to say? Keep going. Keep doing what you do. It may seem insignificant but it all adds up. Trust me, someone, somewhere is benefiting from it (including you). Moreover, your efforts will pay dividends both here on earth and for eternity. So don’t hang up your boots!


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