Many of us complain about our jobs, relationships, finances and much more yet fail to take the necessary action to change the situation.

Change What’s Not Working!

My personal philosophy concerning such matters is as follows: If something is not working for you, change it!” It’s not rocket science but a principle I believe we can all embrace. We all have the power to make changes to our circumstances. That is a privilege we all have when it comes to managing the lives we have been blessed with. No one is completely powerless to change something, no matter what!

Steps To Making Changes

So if you feel you need to make some changes concerning your life, read through my easy steps below:

1. Press pause. Rather than repeating behaviours/actions that are not benefiting you, take time to reflect on the situation.

2. Be honest, with yourself, in regards to how the situation makes you feel and accept it. Forget about what others may think. Focus on you and the impact of the situation.

3. Ponder on the specific changes you would like to see. The key word is specific. Rather than stating fluffy or woolly statements, hone into the changes you would like to see. For example, don’t just say, “I want a new job/career”, state the exact type job/career you want, the wage bracket, the location, the specific role/responsibilities, level (e.g. graduate, managerial, VP, Partner) and so on. If you want to change your financial status, what exactly do you want to change it to (e.g. being overdrawn to being in credit at the end of the month)?

4. Now you are clear on what you want, create a set of new rules to govern your life, help you achieve your goals and overcome obstacles. If it is a money issue, create a budget & give yourself an allowance to live on. If it is a boring job/career, create rules get you out of the situation such as going back to school, applying for jobs regularly. If it is a relationship causing you grief, create new rules depicting how others are allowed to treat you from henceforth.


Get the picture? If you don’t change your attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours, you will find yourself trapped in a vicious cycle. Always remember that you have the power to change your situation and take the appropriate action.

So the next time you feel like whining over a situation, refer to this article and take positive action to turn around the situation you are facing.

PS: Remember – the power to change things lies in your hands.

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