How To Make REAL MONEY from your know-how

How To Make REAL MONEY from your know-how

We all want to make money right? But Google your idea and you will find 101 people doing the same thing. How how can you stand out and have people seeking you out?

Well, these are questions I have searched answers for up until I discover a powerful secret: Becoming the master/guru/expert of your own sub-niche i.e. a new opportunity you created to stand out.

Read this great article by one of my mentors, Russell Brunson: Throwing Rocks At The Red Ocean

Read the full article here

Two Key Learning Points From The Article (though I highly recommend you take 5 mins to read the whole thing!)

1. You need to develop or create your own niche. Your goal, when you’re building your business of selling your know-how, is to be able to see the submarket and then separate from everyone else and become this unique different thing.

2. Separate yourself to build your new opportunity. This is a must and the only way to make money.

So decide whether your main niche is health, wealth or happiness (read the article to learn more about this concept). Then, pick a submarket. Next, decide how you will create a new opportunity that no one is doing, something that gives you a unique selling point. This way, you become the guru/expert of that niche. This is how to make money using your know-how.