My Definition Of A True Princess


Prides herself in who she has been created to be and never seeks to be a duplicate of someone else.

Recognises her worth and the greatness that lies within her.  Therefore, she sets high standards for herself and lives by them.  She does not tolerate inappropriate behaviour towards her and has healthy boundaries in place to safeguard her.

Insightful of her unique giftings, calling and, frankly speaking, why she is here on planet Earth!  This then makes her focused as she strives to live purposefully, every day.

Never misses a good opportunity and seizes every chance that comes by her way.  Never admits defeat but always looks for new and/or more ways to make things happen.

Continually nurtures and invests in herself spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, educationally, and much more, daily – because she knows she is worth it!  She spends time working on both the internal and external parts of her being.

Excels in all that she does and takes the necessary steps to be her best.  Gives no room for procrastination, mediocrity, or fear.  Known for always taking huge leaps of faith and boldly stepping where others may not have stepped before.

Systematically makes plans about her life and implements them.  Because she is not selfish, she consistently considers how she can make her life count and impact her world.

Shares her gifts, talents, and abilities with the world as she recognises she is an Ambassador here on earth.  She strives to leave a godly legacy behind and is celebrated well after she is no longer with us.

Get Real With Yourself And Avoid Emotional Traps!

Get Real With Yourself And Avoid Emotional Traps!

Want to avoid emotional entanglements? Follow my four simple tips to help you become real with yourself:

  1. Be Honest About The Way You Feel: This could be about the way you feel about a person (including yourself), a situation and/or experience. And accept the feelings and emotions that show up such as fear, grief, loss, hurt, etc. But don’t settle there. Take steps to bring about your restoration.
  2. Stop Hiding: Don’t be afraid to reveal your real self to others. It takes a lot of energy to keep a mask on, whilst keeping up a pretense. By the way, hiding can involve you hiding both your good parts (e.g. qualities, skills, achievements, experience, etc) and your bad parts (e.g. shortcomings, failures, challenges, etc). If the people around you are not comfortable with the real you or don’t accept you for who you are, I suggest you consider changing your network.
  3. Accept The Person You Have Been Created To Be (warts and all): Many of us spend our lives trying to be someone else or change ourselves as opposed to discovering and maximising all that we are. And as a result, you may find yourself being unfulfilled in certain areas of your life (if not all). To avoid this, I encourage you to rediscover yourself. By this, I mean taking the time out to understand who you are, what makes you tick, your qualities, likes/dislikes, talents, personality, passions, desires, strengths, and areas of development. I call this your personal inventory. Once done, you now have a basis to make smarter decisions and choices for your life.
  4. Avoid Dancing To The Tune Of Others: This happens when you have no real clarity of the person you are and/or you are inclined to be a ‘people pleaser’. In so doing, you allow others to call the shots of your life. Years down the line, you look back and wonder how you ended up where you find yourself today (e.g. your career, relationships, finances, etc). To overcome this, you will need to take charge of your life. After all, you are the CEO of Your Life Inc. So start by creating strategies and a plan of action based on your life vision, mission and purpose – not that of your parents, family, friends, boss, religious leader, etc.

Tips To Curbing Your Holiday Spending

Holidaycooking Surveys have shown that food shopping bills can be as high as the spending on presents (if not higher by the time you add alcohol!).  So is there a way to cut down on your food shopping bill and still have a fun-filled holiday?  Absolutely!  Here are a few tips:

  • Get out there early and stock up.  Have you ever left your holiday season shopping to the last minute only to find the rejects left behind which can include expensive food ranges?  The trick is to get there before the hoards do and stock up your freezers, cupboards, etc early.
  • Look for alternatives to the usual.  Have you considered trying non-conventional holiday food?  It can be fun as well as taking the monotony of the yearly ritual.  In my family, we decided a long time ago to celebrate Christmas by having every other bird but turkey (especially as we don’t really like it anyway!).  Though we have a few Christmas bits ‘n’ pieces, we just look for equally sweet ‘n’ nice alternatives which don’t cost an arm and a leg – just because it’s Christmas.  You might discover cos all the attention is on turkeys, other birds don’t get as much as a look in and may even be reduced in price for that reason.
  • Have a joint Christmas celebration.  This is the perfect solution for all the singles out there as you can partner with one or more other singles and share the bill.  The same can also work for families too as long as you are clear who is doing what.  That way, you get to spread the costs meaning more in your pocket.

If all fails, why not just cut your coat according to your size, do what you can do to celebrate the day and look forward to more prosperous days ahead.  After all, it’s only one day!

Quick Tips To Ditching Your Baggage

Quick Tips To Ditching Your Baggage

1. Uncover youremotional baggage’ e.g. unresolved issues, negative emotions, unhealthy or inaccurate mindsets, etc.

2. Take action to bring about your emotional restoration and wellbeing:
 God-help: Ask God to help you on your journey. Trust me, you will need His help to uncover, deal with any issues and embark your journey to wholeness

Self-help: Identify specific actions you can START, STOP or CONTINUE to promote your restoration/wellbeing e.g. breaking or restoring a relationship, setting healthier boundaries (e.g. learning to say ‘no’), forgiving someone, avoiding isolation, etc.

3. A key part of your journey to restoration is monitoring your progress. So build in some ‘me’ time to prayerfully reflect on your progress and make adjustments when necessary.

Stop Trying To Live Up To The Expectations Of Others

Stop Trying To Live Up To The Expectations Of Others

This morning in the gym, I attended a spin class. Despite attending spin classes for a while, it never seems to get any easier (gruelling but worth it). Anyhow, I was coming to the end of a particularly tough class with only 5 minutes to go of the 45-minute class. I had given the session everything I had and was now running out of steam. And so, I found myself slowing down. All of a sudden, I heard a voice shout out from behind me “only 34 miles per hour (mph)?”. It was NOT God by the way! Apparently, one of my fellow classmates behind me thought my efforts were not good enough. And so he felt the need to share it with no only me be those nearby.