Do you find yourself constantly sacrificing yourself for others, to your own detriment?
Are you drained from continuously ‘doing’ without the necessary investment to keep you going?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, my question to you is how long do you think you will last running on empty?

Honestly, life is not about constantly being ‘on the go’. It is about striking a healthy balance between what you ‘pour out’ and what you ‘pour back in’. As you pour out, you need to replace what you have become devoid of. Doing this helps you remain ‘fit for service’. Just the same way you will not drive your car on an empty gas tank, is the same way you ought to treat yourself.

What many of us fail to realise is that our abilities, effectiveness, performance, and results are affected by the amount of self-investment we participate in (or the lack of it). Remember saying, garbage in, garbage out? Well, it’s true as you can only give out what you have in your reservoirs.

So for you to function well, you need to make sure you fill up on what you need, on every level. In addition to this, your ‘engine’ needs to be serviced regularly. For this to happen, you will need to turn off your engine and put on the brakes. Why? Because you can’t service a moving car! Get my drift?

Therefore, if you are serious about being effective and successful in all that you do, take time to consider the state of your physical, spiritual, and emotional reservoirs. Are they full, adequate or running low? Depending on your response, I suggest you aim to keep them on full at all times to get the best out of YOU! After all, we all know what happens to a car with an empty gas tank….it breaks down!

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