Do you find you are always wanting to please others or seek their approval? Maybe they have made you feel inadequate in the past and you are striving to live up to who they expect you to be? Or it could be you are seeking to get their attention or love because, without it, you just don’t feel right? If that is the case, kindly pause for a moment.

In the past, when I found myself entangled in such traps, I found the best thing to do was pull away for a while to establish what was driving me? Often times, it was the voices of others from my yesterdays and yesteryears telling me I needed to do better to gain their attention or affection. They told me I was not good enough. And so I found these statements constantly echoing in my mind. Seeing that I wanted their approval or fit in, I found myself dancing to their tunes by working harder, pushing myself beyond reasonable limits, setting unrealistic goals and conforming even though it went against the grain of who I was.
And so after feeling drained from seeking the approval of others, I found myself turning to God to remind me of whom I actually am, who I have been created to be and His precious thoughts towards me. After all, when all is said and done, that’s what really counts. Hearing words like, “you are special to Me”, “I love you”, “I’m proud of you” or “you are on the right track” gradually expunged my mind of the junk I had picked up along the way. I no longer needed to please others. I just needed simply be the woman God created me to be and walk with Him so as to be reminded of the precious being I am.
And when the penny dropped, I finally realised that I really don’t need to fight for any ones attention or love because I am famous to God! How liberating is that?


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