I recently came across the lyrics of the song, “I am a survivor” by Destiny’s Child and it made me think. Whilst the song appears to be talking of a failed relationship, it can be applied to any challenging situation you may face (disappointment, loss, depression, ill-health, etc). For me, it was a wake-up call to say, actually, I AM A SURVIVOR – through Gods grace and no strength of mine

At times, we get too caught up in what we are going through to realize that we are still standing despite what we are facing or have faced. I am guilty of this and it is so easy to do in the midst of your storm. But when you care to look back, you actually wonder how you got out of the situation alive or remained SANE! Things ALWAYS look bad when you are going through!

So would you say you are a survivor? Now please note, just because you did not get the outcome you wanted or was emotionally battered along the way does not mean you are not. But they are not failures. Just in case you are wondering, by surviving, I refer to the process of coming through a situation (against the odds) whilst learning lessons that change you for the better. In fact, we can also call this conquering.

Therefore, I encourage you to take a look down memory lane and reflect on your journey. Use this to fuel your decision, choices, attitudes, and behaviors for your future. Ponder if there are any lessons life it trying to teach you. Whilst you might not feel victorious, think of all the other precious women out there who may not have made it this far. So I ask you again, are you a survivor/conqueror?

Ps: If you still don’t feel like you a are survivor/conqueror, could it be you need support to get you through this period? Why not get the help you need? Find a trusted friend who can talk, pray, and encourage you. It helps to know that in every battle, there are always casualties but with the right support, they make it just fine!

Quote – “Weeping may last for the night but joy comes in the morning”. It really is true.


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