On our journeys in life, we at times experience challenges and/or situations that may result in hurt, pain, disappointment, grief, and separation. As a result, you may find yourself emotionally battered, bruised and wounded. Coupled with the ‘stuff’ you may have been carrying from your yesteryears, it is possible you find yourself living as a mere shadow of the woman you once were. I call this woman a ‘female hybrid’.

So what does a female hybrid look like? For a start, female hybrids come from all walks of life. They tend to exhibit a combination of incorrect, unhealthy and/or self-defeating attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. Over the years, I have come across several female hybrid characteristics. For example, there is the ‘Female Masquerader’ who ‘masks’ her pain with the likes of her success, personality, appearance, busyness, etc. There is the ‘Female Superhero’ who saves the world yet has no support system in place to meet her own needs. The chances are she is also driven to her good deeds by the wrong motives. There is also the ‘Female Clone’ who spends her life dancing to the tune of others. And the list goes on (I have characterized ten different female hybrid tendencies in my book, Overcoming Emotional Baggage, where I go into further detail).

The truth of the matter is that your emotional baggage will affect you in some shape or form – be it professionally, personally, spiritually, financially, etc. In my years of coaching women, I have seen emotional baggage tarnish the sparkle of many would-be highfliers, paralyze many great women, cause women who normally exhibit good judgment make the most absurd, unwise, incomprehensible decisions. I have also seen it wreck relationships and thwart careers. Maybe you can relate to any of this? I know I certainly can! Hence, my desires to ensure women have the means and support to tackle their own female hybrid tendencies.

To get you on track, I suggest you follow the three simple steps I mention in my book.

1. Become more aware of yourself. This will help you identify any female hybrid-like tendencies you may have.
2. Accept the fact that you have emotional baggage to deal with.
3. Be willing to take the right action for you.

In closing, I encourage you to take time out to give yourself an emotional health check. Are there unresolved issues lurking about? Have you become a female hybrid? Use this season to work on YOU and build yourself up emotionally. Why? Because 1) it takes a lot of effort living as a hybrid whilst trying to keep up the façade. 2) Your baggage will dilute or thwart all your efforts and good intentions. 3) Your female hybrid tendencies and emotional baggage will keep resurfacing and may trip you up time and time again.

Want to discover if you have become a female hybrid or gain insight on the different kinds of emotional baggage female hybrids carry? All this and more can be discovered by working through my book, Overcoming Emotional Baggage. It has insightful exercises, nuggets of wisdom and plenty of food for thought to support you on your journey. So get your copy today!!!

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