As another birthday zoomed past me, I began to reflect whether I was living the life I set out to live. Was I where I thought I would be? Was my life going in the direction I wanted it to go?

After mulling over this for a while, I realised that there were some areas of my life I was happy with. However, there were other areas I did not get the results I wanted. I quickly came to the conclusion that the areas I soared in were areas I had taken charge of whilst the ‘other’ areas were aspects of my life I, consciously or not, did not take ownership of. The result was that either nothing happened or others took ownership of it and I did not like the outcome. One of these areas was how I managed my time, which I know I could improve on.

My realization inspired me to take ownership of these areas and proactively do something about them. And so, I am working on it. To help you along the way, this month’s eWoman eZine feature article, “Take Charge Of Your Life & Start Living Again” will prove useful.

Keep Soaring!


PS: I am pleased to say there are two areas I took ownership of. The first was I finally published my first book,
Overcoming Emotional Baggage: A Woman’s Guide To Living The Abundant Life (Milestones International Publishers, 2006)  – yipeee!  Further details to follow!! The other was I set myself a challenge last year June to read two books a month. Well since then, I have read/listened to about 33+ and counting! Taking charge really does work!

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