One of the most common mistakes a writer can make is thinking that everyone will buy their book. When I ask aspiring authors who their book is for, more often than not, the answer is ……Everyone! But it pays to bear in mind two crucial points:

  1. Everyone won’t buy your book!
  2. Your book won’t be relevant to everyone

Sorry to drop that bombshell on you but it is true. So the quicker you get over this, the better! I know you think your stuff is great (PS: you are not alone, we all think that way too), it really won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

I believe when you try to make your book suitable for everyone, you render your book less effective and difficult to sell. This ends up being a costly mistake, as your book seems to target no one in particular.

So it pays to have a target audience in mind. I suggest having a primary and secondary audience. And when you start writing, write primarily for your primary audience whilst keeping your secondary audience in mind. In doing so, it makes the content relevant for your audience – not some generalised, wishy-washy book. Plus, it also makes marketing a lot easier.

I believe the reason why some of us want to go down the ‘write for everyone’ route is perhaps rooted in fear – the same kind of a new business owner may experience when they are encouraged to develop a niche market. We feel if we write for what seems like a small segment of the market, the book won’t sell. Whilst I won’t suggest having such a small niche market that you only have the potential to sell a few copies, there is a whole world out there who may need the content you are offering. You just have to find them.

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