Forget about waiting for a publishing contract from a traditional publisher or being fleeced by so-called publishers. Take charge of your publishing aspirations by becoming a self-publisher. With the support and guidance of Grace Gladys Famoriyo, a publishing guru, author and coach, your publishing business can be set up in a day. Discover how with Grace’s simple process.

Working with you on a one-to-one, Grace will provide you with the support and practical solutions to get your publishing firm off the ground in no time, ready for the publication of your book(s).

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Why work with Grace?

Grace has years of industry experience and a Masters degree in Publishing under her belt. She also has a track record of publishing her high-quality books. Furthermore, Grace has been developing authors and self-publishers for almost a decade.

Whats on offer?

This programme offers four different coaching packages.


How does consultation take place? When and where?

The consultations takes place during office hours and on the phone. Your session is booked in advance and also paid for in advance.

How do I pay?

Click the sign up button beneath the service you require. This will take you to PayPal where you can pay by credit/debit card.

I want to sign up for the Elite package. Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. You can pay for your package in two instalments. The first instalment will be paid when you sign up and the second instalment will be due 30 days later. Terms and conditions apply. When paying in instalments, you will be allowed a maximum of two consultations in the first month.

If you want to pay in instalments, let’s talk. Send us a message.

Do I pay for my sessions in advance?


What if I start the Starter Package and discover I need further training?

Just tell us and we can upgrade your package and let you know how to pay the additional fees.

How do I attend Grace’s training programme?

Grace’s training programmes are online. So you access them anytime and anywhere, at your convenience. Once you sign up, you will be sent further instructions.

I’m signing up for the Executive/Elite package. Do you pay for my editing, cover design, printing, etc?

In short, no. You pay for these directly with the supplier.

I am on the Elite Package. What is the time limit on this?

You have up to 6 months to complete your publishing project. Moreover, you can use your six sessions anytime in that period, subject to terms and conditions. Once six months have elapsed, you will lose any unsued sessions. By the way, there are no refunds or carry-overs.

What is the duration for my access pass to Grace’s training programmes?

Six months

Got more questions?

At first, I attended Gladys’ writers  programme in 2012 and it proved to be valuable as I was writing my second book. Since then, through working with Gladys, I have become more focused in my writing and have improved my writing style. I have also saved time and money by avoiding costly mistakes. I also learnt powerful secrets, tips and tricks of the writing and publishing trade. Furthermore, I can get my manuscript done faster than ever. I highly recommend working with Gladys.

Joy Ani

Author of Exchanging My Disability For God's Ability (2014) - Book writing and self-publishing coaching

Do you have a creative book idea within you but don’t know how to get started? Perhaps you got started but then got stuck with your manuscript? If so, you are not the only one. That was me! That was until I started working with Grace Gladys Famoriyo – my book coach. Having working with her for some months now, I have found Gladys, to be conscientious, professional, supportive and more importantly, reliable. I learnt so much from her especially as she was sharing from her personal and professional experience as an author too. By us working together, my initial book idea became a solid manuscript. And now, my book is being published with Westbow Press (part of the Thomas Nelson family). It will be out summer 2015. Furthermore, learning from Gladys, I have also developed essential speaking skills – one that authors of today really need especially where a lot of the marketing is down to the author. So, I benefitted in more ways than one. And so, if your dream is to become a published author, I highly recommend working with Gladys. She has made my writing dream come true. Thanks Coach!

Ruth Pearson

Author of Listening to Your Voice (Published 2015) - Book writing and self-publishing coaching

Very informative Master Class. Grace made my writing goals, which seemed impossible at the time, possible, by breaking down the process into bitesized, achievable goals. I took all the steps and presto….my book was born

Lisa Anthony-Rigsby

Self-Publishers Master Class Boot Camp (2012)

Awesome session that has brought about sound clarity. Grace Gladys’ competence and passion is evident.

Modupe Afolabi

Authors Master Class Boot Camp (2015)

Excellent tips and sound advice on writing a book from a Pro! Highly inspiring and educative. Clear direction.

Christiana Nwosu

Authors Master Class Boot Camp (2015)

This programme has taken me closer to my writing and publishing goals. The programme offered many useful tools and techniques which were thoughtfully prepared and presented. I was inspired and challenged by the programme as well as connecting with other people with similar writing aspirations as mine.

Tayo Ajibade

Writers and Self-Publishers Master Class Boot Camp (2012 & 2015)

Both the information obtained and the experience was extremely valuable to me. I have so much to apply when I get back. Well worth the experience.

Georgette Taylor

Self-Publishers Master Class Boot Camp (2012)

If there is one thing that stood out for me, apart from the excellent programme, is the encouragement and impetus I got to get started with my book. I plan to start asap as I have so much detailed information to work with. I am no longer clueless!

Marigold Nunes,

Self-Publishers Master Class Boot Camp (2012)

Since working with Gladys Famoriyo and the Academy, I found it immensely valuable having the support on my journey to achieving my goals. Having someone with the necessary expertise to guide, encourage and keep me accountable is priceless. Thank you for the support. It really means a lot especially as one sees ones goals taking shape and dreams becoming fulfilled. I am very thankful to have your experience to draw on.

Selina Yeboah

London - Writing and business coaching client

Words cannot express my appreciation, thank you for my one to one session

Kemi S